I recently started exercising vigorously again after almost a year, having sustained a couple of injuries and then having knee surgery. It was challenging to get back into the routine, as I wasn’t used to spending the extra time in the morning, and it was too easy to get busy with other things. It took my clear intention and decisiveness to start the day with exercise again.

Once I started back into my routine, I immediately began to feel better. It was a great reminder of how much exercise has an impact on our general wellness. It’s an important form of self-care, along with having good nutrition, recreation, connection with friends and loved ones, and sufficient sleep.

I know how hard it is to get back into a routine after we’ve been away from it, and what keeps me at it is my objective to stay as healthy as possible, and the reminder of how good I feel afterwards. I hope this will be an incentive to create your personal routine. There will be a big pay off. If you don’t have some exercise routine, start by identifying forms that you enjoy, brisk walking is a great way to start. If you haven’t exercised, and/or have had injuries or illness, check with your physician to get input.There will be a big pay-off, not only an increased sense of overall health, it’s also a natural anti-depressant!